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An IRC staff member talks with a Syrian refugee family seated on cushions in their shelter in Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan.
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Millions of people across the world don’t have control over important choices that affect their lives, such as where they live, how they live, and how they are governed. Women and girls, in particular, struggle to advocate for their rights and make their voices heard. These issues are worsened by crises, which often uproot families, tear apart communities, and weaken government systems.

Our goals

If people do not have the power to make important decisions, they will struggle to improve their lives. The International Rescue Committee helps those who are recovering from conflict and disaster understand their rights and make informed choices for their futures.
  • Ensure that people are able to choose where to live

    How we get there:

    • Supporting programs that inform displaced people of their rights and conditions in their location of choice;
    • Working with decision-makers and communities to ensure people are safe and economically self-reliant in their location of choice.

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  • Ensure that people are able to choose how to live

    How we get there:

    • Supporting programs that work to ensure that women, children and marginalized groups have equal social and economic choice as dominant groups;
    • Working with local and national governments as well as non-state actors to make sure that policies and practices serve all people equally.

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  • Ensure that people are able to influence the decisions that affect their lives

    How we get there:

    • Empowering people, particularly women and girls, at the local level to advocate for the changes that will improve their lives;
    • Supporting people to provide feedback and make service providers more responsive.

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