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A group of women who are part of an IRC livelihoods program in Nigeria stand outside, lifting hand-knitted tops to show them off.
Where we focus

Economic wellbeing

Economic wellbeing means people have their most basic survival needs met and have sustainable income and assets so they can prosper. During and after crises, people may be forced to make short-term decisions to survive—such as pulling children out of school to work—that will have long-term negative consequences. The International Rescue Committee helps them meet immediate needs and build a brighter future.

Our goals

The IRC provides direct assistance for people as they try to feed their families and find a safe place to live, and we work to improve livelihoods opportunities for long-term economic wellbeing.
  • Ensure that people in crisis areas have what they need to survive—including food, water, shelter and basic household items—without falling into debt or resorting to desperate measures

    How we get there:

    • Providing cash assistance—through debit card accounts with no strings attached, where appropriate—so that people can buy what they need themselves, which benefits the local economy

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  • Ensure that people resettled in the United States have what they need to rebuild their lives and grow their assets

    How we get there:

    • Assisting people to identify realistic, achievable career paths that have the potential to offer a living wage;
    • Ensuring people have information about the job market and requirements for their specific fields.

    See all economic wellbeing goals.

  • Ensure that people can become self-sufficient by engaging in safe and decent work and by managing and saving their resources

    How we get there:

    • Providing business-skills training for in-demand jobs and strengthening connections in local labor markets so that prospective employers can more easily find employees with the skills they need;
    • Encouraging new entrepreneurs and helping local businesses to grow through mentorship, financial management training, technical support and access to grants and loans.

    See all economic wellbeing goals.

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